Monday, January 25, 2010

Version 0.2

Version 0.2:

Almost all game features that don't require AI are implemented. Not yet implemented: Apollo's Alert Viper Pilot special ability, Executive Order skill card - the first is a really tricky one which I am just going into (:p), and the latter requires AI in order to be implemented.
No AI is yet present in the game (on some points that it is required, the decisions are made randomly). Therefore, the human player is always the current player with the game ignoring all AI players. This means that the human player can take his/her turns the one after the other as if no other players exist when it comes to turns or skill checks.

By clicking on a location you can move to it (if it's not restricted to you for some reason) and you can activate it (again, if not restricted). Access your skill cards, loyalty cards and special abilities (if you have any) by double-clicking on the card backs, your titles or your character avatar. When in Viper activation or attack mode, choose your target by double-clicking on it.
In case any rules of the board game elude you, the official game rulebook is included in PDF format in the game installation folder.

If you locate a bug or anything else abnormal, please leave a comment here describing the error and the game circumstances under which it happened, as accurately as possible. Also, feel free to submit any ideas for improvement on gameplay, game layout, upcoming AI development or anything else you want. I appreciate all the help I can get!

Download v0.2:


  1. None of the links have any way to access the file. Do you still have this going?

  2. Yes please can you reupload to a new site link. very interested in this